WalkThru Garage Doors

DGH Doors is proud to introduce the newest innovation in residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors.

The WalkThru garage door has so many useful benefits and features for home and business you will wonder how you can justify not having one.

The WalkThru garage door provides many advantages.

    • Enables entry into the garage from the driveway without having to open the entire garage door but, still allowing the garage door to be fully functional.
    • Reduces wear and tear of the main garage door and electric opener which drastically reduces the cost of repair and service to your garage door.
    • Swings outward. It never has any obstructions to block the operation of the door, unlike a side or rear entrance door that swings in.
    • Is an entrance to the garage within the garage door. A tremendous amount of space is saved allowing extra usable wall and floor space inside the garage.
    • Allows entrance to the garage without exposing the contents to neighbours and passers-by. A simple key to the deadbolt or optional keypad allows easy access to the garage.
    • The Walk-Thru garage door, if connected by an electric opener allows one to enter or exit during a power failure.
    • It is an excellent 100% manufactured Canadian product that helps owners to save time and energy dollars as well as providing a safe, secure and attractive point of entry.
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