WalkThru Door

DGH Doors is proud to introduce the newest innovation in residential, commercial and industrial overhead doors.

The Walk-Thru garage door has so many useful benefits and features for home and business you will wonder how you can justify not having one.

The Walk-Thru garage door provides many advantages.

    • Enables entry into the garage from the driveway without having to open the entire garage door but, still allowing the garage door to be fully functional.

    • Reduces wear and tear of the main garage door and electric opener which drastically reduces the cost of repair and service to your garage door.

    • Swings outward. It never has any obstructions to block the operation of the door, unlike a side or rear entrance door that swings in.

    • Is an entrance to the garage within the garage door. A tremendous amount of space is saved allowing extra usable wall and floor space inside the garage.

    • Allows entrance to the garage without exposing the contents to neighbours and passers-by. A simple key to the deadbolt or optional keypad allows easy access to the garage.

    • The Walk-Thru garage door, if connected by an electric opener allows one to enter or exit during a power failure.

    • It is an excellent 100% manufactured Canadian product that helps owners to save time and energy dollars as well as providing a safe, secure and attractive point of entry.
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